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HK Group is establishing its services on the Syrian market with a remarkable speed and professionalism. The company cooperates with renowned producers of medical and environment fields. HK Group is a trading company Founded in 2000,represents more than 40 companies .. Today, HK medica services with high quality and professional competence are among the priorities of the Syrian government social policy. Our company contributes to implementation of this policy by actively operating in the areas of the imports and distribution of medical products and consumables. We are exclusive distributors of consumables for Anaesthesia,Neuro & Spine surgery , Cardiothoracic ,Hemodialysis ,Sterilization, and Medical furniture. Our employees are well qualified, ambitions, responsible and correct people. We believe that the world can be better, cleaner, and safer and this depends on ourselves. The priorities of the company policy are as follows: quality, legality, accountability, commitment, innovative spirit, tolerance, respect, responsible approach to the world, positive attitude and communication. In order to constantly update, improve and make its products and services more popular HK strictly follows the needs and demands of its clients in Syria and abroad, regularly visits international exhibitions and fairs, conducts policy of providing information and consultations to its clients and patients regarding the quality, imports, organization and supply chain of the products it offers. Our company relies on the active attitude of its present and potential clients and partners, because we know that they are the ones that give its today’s image. HK appeals to its clients to make inquiries and recommendations. It is important for us to know what you think about what we do and the quality of the products we offer.
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